Deal PAVERS is an exclusive networking group for Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors in the Bay Area.

Our members are established business professionals leading and supporting Private Equity M&A deals in the Bay Area. We are passionate about serving the Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors by bringing exceptional local and international speakers, outstanding educational workshops and overall, a state-of-the art networking group to meet and socialize with like minded business partners.

Our members are outstanding business comrades who enjoy sharing their expertise and industry knowledge without hesitation. We strive to serve both as a resource and a partner to the Private Equity Investment Community to close successful M&A deals. Please visit our membership page for more information and to apply for membership.


Meet our Board Members:

Paul Herrerias, Chair

Bryan Cartwright, Treasurer

Amy Efland

Eric Hall

Kate Harbin

Kimberly A Jablonski

Scott C. Smith